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ISO 9001:2008

ISO 9001 logo Certificate No.: AS/NZ-028

Calytrix Technologies

Calytrix Technologies is a Training and Simulation company specialising in developing and delivering integrated training solutions. Uniquely combining Live, Virtual and Constructive simulation environments with subject matter expertise, Calytrix enhances operational readiness and training outcomes in both the Defence and Civilian domains.

Simulation Solutions:

Calytrix’s technology team specialises in developing and delivering models and simulation-based training solutions in the exercise, experimentation and operations area.

Training Systems:

Calytrix Training Systems (CaTS) specialises in the design, conduct and evaluation of all elements of individual and collective training. Combining innovative training with world leading simulation systems CaTS provides realistic, cost effective and efficient solutions to all your training needs.

Simulation Software Products:

Calytrix Comm Net Radio Simulator (CNR-Sim) is a software-only radio/intercom simulator.
Calytrix Live Virtual Constructive Game (LVC Game) provides a fully bi-directional DIS/HLA gateway for connecting military training games (e.g. VBS and Steel Beasts) with existing defence simulation systems (e.g. JSAF).
LVC Cost Counter LVC Cost Counter monitors DIS/HLA traffic, assigns costs to the simulation events based on user-defined costing models, and calculates the savings being delivered by the simulation.
Inject Planner Calytrix’s Inject Planner is an online tool for developing, managing and assessing training events. The Inject Planner lets exercise and training managers develop and deliver realistic training events with the support of an intuitive and competitively priced exercise event management system.