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Defence Synthetic Environment (DSE)

The Australian Defence Simulation Environment (DSE) is a set of standards, products and components that, together, provide Australian Defence with the ability to model and simulate Australian capabilities (current and evolving) in order to support training, capability development (experimentation) and operations.

The DSE is build around a set of Core standards and tools which are currently used to support three areas of simulation, namely the Training Federation, Capability Development Federation and Operations Federation. Each Federation complies with the DSE Core and therefore delivers a set of integrated tools on top of an extensible framework that can be used as a baseline and starting point to meet the end-users requirements.

The DSE is intended to deliver the foundations for developing ADO simulations and a means to extend the capability in a manner that allows users to contribute their enhancements back into the DSE to ensure reuse of investment.

Calytrix is currently responsible for the development, delivery and maintenance of the Defence Synthetic Environment (DSE). Calytrix’s technical engineers are responsible for all aspects of DSE support, integration, verification and validation, and training.


The DSE includes the following Calytrix products and support standards: