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CASE STUDY: Contract Delivered
Training Environment for the UN's World Food Programme

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Integrated Planning - Distributed Training


Calytrix's Exercise and Operations Network (EON) is an integrated suite of software tools supporting the planning, execution and measurement of collective training events. Following the philosophy of 'train as you will operate', EON allows the same tools used in training to be used in support of live operations over a distributed network.

EON Diagram

Drawing on lessons from Military Command and Control (C2) and training systems, and the Disaster Response and Management communities, EON has been specifically designed to support collaborative distributed exercises and operations in the following target areas:

  • Team & Collective Emergency Management and Response
  • Peace Keeping and other military/civilian integration events
  • Multi-Agency collaboration exercises and operations
  • Disaster planning and response
  • Global Command & Control (C2) response and logistics planning and management

It (EON) was much more real than I expected …… we need this kind of exercise - UN World Food Programme

Calytrix EON meets the need for an exercise and operations management system in a more cost effective and approachable manner than legacy heavyweight military C2 environments, while still readily integrating with those systems to support civil/military and inter-agency emergency management collaboration.



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