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ISO 9001:2008

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Performance Management System for the Australian Defence Force



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Mentor Training Cycle


Calytrix Mentor is a distributed multi-user Training Management and Readiness Assessment system for conducting individual and collective/team training; recording results and knowledge; and generating reports and trend analysis. Mentor captures the whole training life cycle, from planning to execution through to generating reports/After Action Reviews, in a standardised and repeatable manner.

Key Features

  • Structure: Ensures that each training activity has direct links (traceability) between goals, objectives, standards and evaluation measures. This structure provides a framework for building objective-based training activities and assessments;
  • Distributed Evaluation: The web browser interface enables users to be distributed: in the field, at training sites, at home, work or wherever a web connection can be found; Mentor Web Interface
  • Objectivity: A mechanism that incorporates both 'ground truth' objective data and evaluator-rated subjective measures into the assessment processes; ensuring a consistent and rigorous approach to performance and readiness assessment;
  • Accessibilty: Integration with Personal Digital Assistants (PDA) and Tablets to provide Instructors with a familiar 'tick and flick' sheet for collection of subjective performance data;
  • Interoperability: A flexible plug-in layer that enables Mentor to be integrated seamlessly with existing and future training sub-systems to allow 'ground-truth' measures to be incorporated into the assessment process;
  • Consistency: A flexible and standardised scoring and weightings model that automates performance evaluations. The scoring model can be used to deliver a rigorous rating model, trend analysis and capability/readiness assessment;
  • Report Generation: Rapid generation of reports; including After Action Reviews (AAR), Traffic Light charts, Top-Bottom analysis, student Report Cards, detailed Student Take Home Packs and statistical analysis. It is possible to use the same data to deliver both a bottom-up and top-down reporting focus depending on the target audience;
  • Surveys and Exams: A survey and on-line exam capability that enables the rapid collection and collation of comments and scores. Graphical representations assist Training Development Staff and Assessors with Evaluation.

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Training Exercise Phases

Under the Mentor framework, a training exercise is considered to have three main phases, which can be described broadly as follows:

  1. Plan: Activities carried out before the training exercise begins
  2. Conduct: Activities carried out during the training exercise
  3. Assess: Activities carried out after the training exercise completes

These phases, generally speaking, occur consecutively, though there may be some overlap. For example, you may be Assessing performance while Conducting the exercise.


In the planning phase the re-usable parts (Roles, Measures, Standards, Tasks and Scoring Models) for your training exercise can be defined. Then the relationships between these entities can be defined to produce the backbone of your training scenarios.


In the Conduct phase the specific parts of the training exercise can be set up and executed. Participants, Groups and Activities for your training exercise are defined, and Assessors use a standard or portable PC to collect subective ratings which are then uploaded to the Mentor Server. These ratings may also comprise ground-truth data (e.g. videos, images, etc.) collected via the Mentor Ground-truth Framework, producing a complete picture of the training exercise.


In the assess phase all results collected during the execution of the training can be reviewed, completed or amended. Additional artefacts can also be collected and added to the results. Mentor also provides a template based reporting engine which can be customised to meet any requirements. You can log on to the Mentor server from any web browser to view reports online, publish and share reports on the server, or download a report as a Take-Home Pack for offline viewing. Participants can log on to collect their report cards and Take-Home Packs as well.

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