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ISO 9001:2008

ISO 9001 logo Certificate No.: AS/NZ-028


Employee Profiles:

Calytrix staff are highly motivated self-starters and are great to work with. You can work in a team environment or individually as necessary and you can communicate well. You have a drive to achieve, a good attitude and a commitment to high standards.


We are developing in a range of technologies including C++, C#, Java and Python using an engineering process that borrows heavily from the Agile Programming world. We work with a number of open source products and contribute our own back to the community.

Engineering Grades:

At Calytrix we want our decisions and systems to be accountable.

As an example, we have included a table that summarises our Engineering grading system below. We aim for parity across levels, regardless of the role you play in the company. So a Marketing Level 5 should have a similar level of academic excellence, commercial experience and influence within the company and the community as an Engineering Level 5:

Lvl Title Experience Responsibilities
7 Fellow N/A Internationally recognised engineer and author. Seen to be leading the community and the company direction.
6 Distinguished Engineer 9-15 years Providing architectural direction to all company systems, contribute to international standards organisations, driving company standards
5 Principal Engineer 7-12 years Resident expert in all facets of at least one of the company's products. Key contributor to company standards and process.
4 Senior Software Engineer 5-10 years Resident expert in at least one of the company's components. Contributes to process improvements.
3 Software Engineer 1-7 years Expert in the implementation of at least one of the company's components. Familiar with all engineering processes and tools.
2 Graduate Engineer 0-3 years This is the hiring grade for graduates. Learning processes and tools.
1 Undergraduate Engineer N/A We run part-time positions, summer programs and student projects with local and national Universities.