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Working at Calytrix

About Calytrix:

Calytrix has been operating since April 2001 and over a decade later continues to focus on the development of quality products to support simulation and training while also actively engaging in consulting services to Defence and broader industries.

Work Environment:

Our focus is on providing a working environment that is productive and fun to work in. We work in an open environment, have a relaxed dress code and offer flexible hours.

The Perth office is the primary hub for the product development and project consulting activities. We make products that connect people and systems, providing a diverse set of tasks. Whether you find yourself working on our radio simulation and voice communications product, or hacking away at integrating a new game into our LVC Game suite, the opportunity to work on new and interesting projects is constant. We like to keep the mood of the office light and fun, with an open culture and plenty of laughs.

Everyone gets involved in all aspects of our product development, from concept through to the process of putting the results into customer's hands. We've always got some greenfield development activity on the boil, whether its for a new product or just for fun as part of our FedEx challenge days. If you're tired of developing boring database applications day-after-day and want a job where firing up games is a core requirement, we have something for you. 

Canberra is home to both our East-coast office and our government-based group, working at the leading edge of simulation in support of Joint training. They are responsible for rolling out and maintaining a national training network, connecting to international peers on-demand. Integrating a diverse and growing range of simulation systems for live, virtual and constructive environments and deploying these directly to the customer to help ensure an effective training outcome. Our work here is on the leading edge of simulation supported training with a strong focus on delivering a smooth and seamless experience.

How to Apply:

All applications will be kept in the strictest confidence. They should be directed to:

Calytrix Technologies
Ph: +61 8 9325 5600
Fax: +61 8 9325 5400