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Calytrix Comm Net Radio (CNR) is a family of radio simulation products, some of which are pure software products while others are a mix of software and hardware. Training groups everywhere use simulated radio communications in their training environments because simulated radio comms are often a better choice for training than using expensive, real hardware radios that broadcast over the air.
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Calytrix Live Virtual Constructive Game (LVC Game) connects serious games with serious training. By working closely with the game's developers, Calytrix LVC Game provides a fully bi-directional DIS/HLA gateway for connecting military training games like Virtual Battlespace (VBS) from Bohemia Interactive Australia and Steel Beasts from eSim Games with each other, or into existing DIS and HLA defence environments like JSAF and JCATS.
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Calytrix and TerraSim, Inc, are pleased to provide a free download of correlated virtual and constructive terrain databases for "Sample Desert Village". Available formats include VBS2, OpenFlight, JCATS, JSAF, OneSAF, OneSAF Testbed, MAK VR-Forces, OpenSceneGraph (OSG and IVE), and Steel Beasts Pro. These samples, built in TerraSim's TerraTools® give LVC Game users a full set of correlated terrain databases to use as a testbed for each of their runtime applications.
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