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ISO 9001:2008

ISO 9001 logo Certificate No.: AS/NZ-028


CNR-Bridge Calytrix CNR-Bridge

CNR-Bridge is a comms gateway between DIS networks and HLA networks.  CNR-Bridge bidirectionally translates the network’s radio comm traffic between DIS and different forms of HLA.


CNR-Bridge Diagram
CNR-Bridge Diagram


Calytrix’s CNR products natively run DIS, but sometimes there’s a need to exchange comms data over HLA (1.3, 1516 & 1516E) networks or with systems that don’t “speak” DIS. 


CNR-Bridge is based upon the extremely flexible DIS/HLA foundation of Calytrix’s LVC Game software.  As a result, CNR-Bridge can be used in diverse DIS/HLA environments.  More specifically, CNR-Bridge supports multiple DIS protocols, multiple HLA protocols and HLA FOMs.  For more details about supported DIS and HLA variants, refer to the DIS/HLA details of Calytrix’s LVC Game.


CNR-Bridge is useful in situations like these:

  • Exchanging CNR comms with external systems that lack DIS capability
  • Translating the comms traffic of external HLA networks for logging by CNR-Log
  • Translating the comms traffic of external HLA devices to interface with real radios via CNR-Live
  • Translating CNR networks’ DIS traffic to HLA for transmission over a network that’s been approved and certified only for HLA operation