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Calytrix Comm Net Radio (CNR) is a family of affordable communication products for simulated radio and intercom.

Training groups everywhere use simulated radios and intercoms in their training environments. Simulated radios are often a better choice for training than using real radios that broadcast over the air, and simulated equipment is much less expensive than real radios and intercoms, especially military-grade equipment.


Key features of the CNR family include:

  • DIS and HLA interoperability
  • Use standard computers (Linux or Windows)
  • Unlimited user-defined channels (simulated frequencies)
  • Multiple choices for human interaction -- keyboard, mouse, touchscreens, external devices
  • Full Application Programmer's Interface (API) for remote control and embedded systems
  • Signal propagation and signal degradation effects
  • Connect real radios and simulated radios into a combined comms network
  • Record and playback for After Action Reviews
  • VOX support
  • Software or hardware Push To Talk (PTT)
  • Advanced audio mixing for realistic comms


Diagram of CNR product line


Calytrix's Comm Net Radio (CNR) family includes a number of distinct software and hardware products:


CNR-Sim CNR-Sim is a pure software multi-channel radio simulator for Windows or Linux. CNR-Sim is available in 3 configurations: Free, Base and Pro.
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CNR-Log CNR-Log is a communications logger that records, replays and exports the voice comm traffic of all network CNR-Sim radios and external compatible systems.
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CNR-Skins CNR-Skins extends CNR-Sim Pro with a set of prebuilt, fully interactive, graphical radio faceplates (“skins”) for more realistic operator training. All “skins” are pre-programmed for use with CNR-Sim Pro, ready for immediate use.
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CNR-Effects adds physics-based effects of radio signal propagation and degradation to CNR-Sim Pro. The quality of simulated signal reception depends on radio frequency and radiated power, distance between transmitter and receiver, line of sight (VBS2 or DTED terrain), and other physical parameters.
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CNR-Bridge CNR-Bridge is software that bridges CNR-Sim comm traffic across DIS and HLA environments.
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CNR-Live bidirectionally interconnects external real radios with a network of simulated radios. With CNR-Live, radio users "in the field" are joined with simulated radio users on networked computers.
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CNR-Sidetone maximizes audio and Push To Talk realism. Allows separate processing and recording of "off-the-air" voice chatter versus "on-the-air" PTT-controlled radio comms..
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CNR-Intercom mimics the audio realism of a vehicle intercom system by mixing the voices of multiple users into a composite audio heard by all users.
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