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ISO 9001:2008

ISO 9001 logo Certificate No.: AS/NZ-028


CNR-Log Calytrix CNR-Log

CNR-Log is Calytrix’s software that records, replays and exports voice communications of DIS-based radios, making CNR-Log especially useful for After Action Reviews (AARs).  

CNR-Log’s features include:

  • Recording: Captures and time-stamps all audio transmissions from all networked CNR-Sims and other DIS compliant radios.
  • Playback: Replays recorded voice communications. Users can Pause during replays, and Seek to any audio event for specific analysis. Recordings can be replayed at any time through the audio speakers of the computer where CNR-Log is running, and recordings can also be replayed over the DIS network to remote listeners.
  • Unlimited Audio Sessions: Record any number of audio sessions, with no limit on session duration or number of recorded communications except for computer disk storage space.  CNR-Log has been used many times to record all the simulated radio traffic of large and intensive training exercises lasting many days.
  • Radio IDs and Related Info: Displays timestamps, radio IDs, radio frequencies and audio signal duration of all recorded comms. Using CNR-Log’s GUI, users can browse all radios on the network to inspect status.
  • Audio Export: Exports individual or multiple radio transmissions to single or multiple .WAV files “on the fly”, even while recording.
  • Realtime or Compressed Replay: Recorded comms can be played in realtime (including silent gaps) or silences can be eliminated to speed up reviews.
  • Configurable Network Controls:  Configure CNR-Log to operate only through certain network interfaces (NICs) and only through user-definable networking ports.






For advanced users CNR-Log ships with an Application Programmers Interface (API) as standard, allowing CNR-Log to be easily integrated with third-party systems. For example, VBS2 uses CNR-Log to replay recorded simulated radio traffic during VBS2’s AAR function. CNR-Log maintains time-stamped records of all compatible voice comms on the network.  An API (C++ and Java) is provided, so third-parties can develop applications that interact with and/or control CNR-Log.