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ISO 9001:2008

ISO 9001 logo Certificate No.: AS/NZ-028


CNR-Sidetone Calytrix CNR-Sidetone

CNR-Sidetone is a small USB-powered audio mixing device that connects the user's headset and computer, providing several key features that dramatically enhance the audio realism within your simulated radio environment. 


CNR-Sidetone - Front view


CNR-Sidetone's features include:

  • Sidetone effect, which amplifies the user's voice (microphone signal) and feeds that back into the user's headphones mixed with the incoming environment sounds (e.g. sounds from the 3D simulation environment), producing a pleasing, natural sounding, audio experience for the user.
  • The mix of the user's voice with the user's environment sounds is also sent upstream to the user's computer, enabling "distant" simulated radio receivers to hear not only the user's voice but also the user's background sounds.  For example, the radio transmission from a VBS2 user inside a helicopter would include the rotor wash background noise (instead of perfectly clear speech), dramatically increasing the effectiveness and realism of the sound environment.
  • Real (physical) Push To Talk (PTT) switches can be used as an alternative to simulating a PTT action by operating a keyboard or mouse.