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ISO 9001:2008

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CNR-Sim Calytrix CNR-Sim


Calytrix Comm Net Radio Simulator (CNR-Sim) is an affordable, easy to use, software only, multi-channel radio simulator for Windows and Linux.


CNR-Sim configurarion
CNR-Sim's main configuration panel


CNR-Sim Radio Interface
CNR-Sim's basic GUI and numeric keypad


CNR-Sim simulates communications via a multi-channel, Push To Talk (PTT) radio or Voice Operated (VOX) radio. CNR-Sim digitizes its user's voice into data packets that are sent across a standard computer network to other CNR-Sims (and compatible DIS radios) where the data packets are converted back to audio. Data packets comply to the Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) networking protocol standard; the optional CNR-Bridge permits use in HLA environments.


The Different CNR-Sim Licenses


CNR-Sim operates in 1 of 3 runtime modes:

  • CNR-Sim Free: zero-cost radio simulation, but limited to two fixed channels. (no license required)
  • CNR-Sim Base: unlimited, user-configurable radio channels and teams, and other features. ("Base" license required)
  • CNR-Sim Pro: adds signal degradations (simulated signal loss, noise, and jamming), application programmer's interface, & support for advanced CNR modules. ("Pro" license required)

CNR-Sim's basic features include:

  • Multi-Platform, and Software Only: No need to buy expensive hardware. Use any Windows or Linux computer with any compatible headset with microphone.
  • Unlimited Number of Channels: Define and use as many simulated radio channels (frequencies) as you like. {Note: CNR-Sim Free has only 2 fixed channels.}
  • Unlimited Number of Teams: Define and use as many Teams as you like. Each Team can be assigned a unique Team Color for ease of use.
  • User Configurable Hot Keys: Users may assign any keyboard entry sequence to any radio Channel. Pressing that key (or key sequence) at runtime mimics a radio's Push To Talk (PTT) feature, even when CNR-Sim is minimized and not in focus.
  • Usable with Hardware Push To Talk (PTT) Devices: Users can interface Push To Talk hardware products, such as an XKeys foot pedal.
  • Text Chat: permits instant text messages between CNR-Sim users tuned to the same simulated radio Channel
  • External Sound Transmission: transmits an audio file across the simulated radio network, upon user command (manually through the GUI) or by programmer’s instruction (through the API).
  • Shared Configurations: Configure Teams and Channels once, then share that configuration with other CNR-Sim users.
  • Configurable Audio & Networking: User controls for speech sampling rates & playback fidelity, Multicast/Broadcast, Full-Duplex and Half-Duplex communications, and audio data compression for efficient use of network bandwidth.
  • DIS Compliant: Configurable settings for DIS Radio PDUs. CNR-Sim can communicate with other DIS radios. CNR-Sim does not block third-party DIS applications from running on the same computer.



A Software Development Kit (SDK) for C++ and Java is available for CNR-Sim, enabling programmers to develop applications to interact with and control CNR-Sim Pro radios. Only the Pro configuration of CNR-Sim responds to API commands. Through CNR-Sim's API, external applications can:

  • Discover CNR-Sim radios on the network
  • Connect to a remote radio
  • Power On and Off remote radios
  • Change Channels on remote radios
  • Adjust radio volume, signal degradation, and other parameters


CNR-Sim can be operated in various ways:

  • built-in GUI (all versions)
  • multi-radio GUI (Pro mode)
  • programmer's instructions (API control in Pro mode)
  • realistic radio faceplates (optional CNR-Skins add-on module)

SINCGARS Radio Interface

Example: Third-Party Application controlling CNR-Sim Pro through the API


CNR-Sim is generally used with CNR-Log recording simulated radio communications for later replay, such as during After Action Reviews (AARs). VBS2's AAR function uses CNR-Log in this way.



A plug-in for VBS2 that displays CNR-Sim's basic radio channel info onto VBS2's main screen. CNR-HUD is distributed with the standalone version of CNR and as part of VBS2 from version 1.50.


VBS2 plugin

CNR VBS2 Plugin (upper right corner)

VBS2 plugin

CNR VBS2 Plugin (zoomed in)


CNR-Sim's usefulness is further extended with specialty electronic products, including CNR-Live, CNR-Sidetone and CNR-Intercom.