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CNR-Skins Calytrix CNR-Skins

CNR-Skins is an add-on module for use with CNR-Sim Pro and provides a set of pre-built, interactive, graphical radio faceplates ("skins") for more realistic operator training.

Calytrix has modeled a number of radio faceplates to provide realistic, interactive controls and displays as an alternative to CNR-Sim's standard on-screen GUI. Knobs and switches function as they do on the real radios. Output displays look like the displays of the real radios. Additional radio faceplates can be developed on request.

CNR-Skins can be used on a standard PC monitor or a touchscreen.




By delivering realistic radio interfaces and controls, CNR-Skins supports complex radio communications training in a computer-based simulation environment. The extent to which CNR-Skins mimics the real radios is adequate for routine radio operation, including these basic capabilities:

  • Turn the radio power on and off
  • Manually tuning the radio to a valid frequency
  • Tuning the radio to a preset channel (frequency)
  • Defining new channel presets
  • Selecting basic radio operating modes, such as (simulated) radiated power level
  • Adjusting the radio's output audio volume

Currently, CNR-Skins includes the following radios:


Screenshot of PRC-25


Screenshot of SINCGARS RT-1523


Screenshot of PRC-148 (MBITR)


Screenshot of PRC-152


Screenshot of PRC-117F


Screenshot of PRC-117G


Screenshot of CNR9101a


All purchasers of CNR-Skins receive all currently available radio faceplates (seen above). Upgrades to CNR-Skins will include any new radio faceplates modeled since the time of the previous software release.

Calytrix can add new faceplates to CNR-Skins upon request. Alternatively, systems integrators can develop similar functionality by connecting CNR-Sim Pro to a user-supplied GUI through CNR-Sim Pro's application programmer's interface (API).