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Measuring What You're NOT Spending

LVC Cost Counter reveals the true costs of training activities if real vehicles, fuel, munitions, etc were used instead of simulated entities.


In real time, LVC Cost Counter monitors the simulation network, searches its user-defined costing models whenever simulation events occur, updates running totals in various cost categories, and displays the real-time results in a browser.   LVC Cost Counter also produces output reports and exports data to spreadsheets for further analysis.


LVC Cost Counter Screenshot
LVC Cost Counter- Live Counter


Users define and control many details of LVC Cost Counter’s operation:

  • units of measure (e.g. kilometers or miles),
  • units of currency (e.g. dollars, pounds, or euros),
  • configuration of multiple costing models,
  • copying, exporting and sharing of costing models, and
  • reporting periods for sessions and exercises.


From an operational analysis perspective, LVC Cost Counter lets the user:

  • generate accurate and consistent costing data across multiple simulated experiments,
  • apply different costing models to compare and contrast results, and
  • export all costing data for further external analysis.


From a simulation and training perspective, LVC Cost Counter:

  • accurately calculates the savings being delivered by the simulation, based on solid figures (known costs),
  • presents relevant financial information in real time, showing total cost and costs by category, and
  • allows accurate cost information to be part of simulation-based decisions.


LVC Cost Counter Screenshot
LVC Cost Counter - Entity Locations


Since LVC Cost Counter uses the same networking layer as in Calytrix’s LVC Game software, LVC Cost Counter can analyse and report on networks running any protocol supported by LVC Game, including DIS, HLA 1.3, HLA 1516, and HLA 1516 Evolved for all major HLA RTIs and FOMs.  (LVC Cost Counter is a standalone product and does not require separate purchase of LVC Game.)


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LVC Cost Counter provides the hard financial
data that definitively justify simulation systems and efforts.

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Download the Calytrix Cost Counter Whitepaper