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Exercise Support Services (ESS)


Role PlayersCalytrix Training Systems (CaTS) has provided exercise support services (ESS) to the Joint Combined Training Capability (JCTC) for the last two years. This support, by way of role players and land environmental exercise support to JCTC will continue over the coming years. Whilst this support to the JCTC is ongoing, there is significant application of these services (ESS) within other areas of Defence, as well as other government and non-government organisations.

Human Terrain and Role Player Support

The provision of human terrain and role player support is now seen by the ADF as a beneficial and cost effective way of providing realistic training within an operational setting. Such training is seen as an essential ingredient to successful operational deployments. Calytrix can use these skills within non-ADF organisations to enhance the organisation’s training outcomes by providing personnel capable of adapting and delivering scenarios in realistic and environmentally challenging situations.

Calytrix understands the essential elements required to provide realistic, cost effective training for any environment. Whether it is supporting the larger single service or joint ADF exercises, or the mission rehearsal exercises (MRE) of Army or the Special Operations Task Group (SOTG), Calytrix can provide role players to suit specific cultural requirements and environments.

Many of the role players provide significant experience from within the environments replicated on MREs. The role playing manager has had extensive overseas experience in South-East Asia, the South-West Pacific including East Timor and more recently over two years’ experience in a Role PlayersMiddle Eastern environment with over 18 months within Afghanistan working within Kandahar City and Kabul. Additionally, understanding the importance of the need to replicate the human terrain of any potential operating environment as well as understanding the cultural nuances, Calytrix have available role players who look, act and speak the dialect of the potential operating environments of Australian Forces including Afghanistan, South-East Asia and the South-West Pacific regions. Experienced role players for government and non-government organisations for scenarios within Australia are also available.

In the main these role players are young and fit, understanding that the conditions and environments which may need to be portrayed can be stressful, arduous with training conducted over prolonged periods. Essentially, Calytrix role players understand and accept the conditions will be difficult. To further enhance the training value, women are well represented bringing an additional angle to the cultural awareness of those undergoing the training. This, combined with integral leadership within the groups, provide a coherent, organised direction for training as well as the flexibility to allow for changes and adaption when and where necessary. This has been a key factor to the success of the support provided by Calytrix to different organisations over the years.

Calytrix uses sophisticated state of the art support to ensure training is fully enhanced and all training benefits and avenues are pursued. Moulage adds significant reality to the training environment to further test the skills and procedures of the trainees. Additionally, Calytrix has access to several amputees who provide their services allowing us to further accentuate and expand the exposure to stressful situations involving combat as well as air, vehicle or machinery accidents.

Exercise Support Delivery

In the competing environments of operations, training, non-operational support or daily working requirements, the ADF and non-ADF organisations find it increasingly difficult to provide suitable personnel to provide the opposing force or role players to act as specific ‘targets’ during operational rehearsals, training and exercises.

Role PlayersRole Players

Calytrix, using their vast resource base and skill sets, can design, implement and manage all the necessary support. Calytrix can have who you want, with the numbers required, where you want with their own integral administration to allow the organisation supported to focus on their core deliverables. Calytrix can cover a wide spectrum of support from the planning right through to after action reviews (AARs) and post activity reports (PARs).


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Employment Opportunities

Calytrix maintains a data base of Part Time On Call (PTOC) employees to assist with our exercise and training requirements. If you wish to be considered for such opportunities as they arise, please visit