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Employment with Calytrix Training Systems

Calytrix Training Systems (CaTS) is looking to build upon its current core team of 'operational and training experts' to assist the Australian Defence Force successfully deliver individual and collective training. This includes supporting service individual and team training (such as CTC Mission Rehearsal Exercises and Exercise Pitch Black through to large scale joint and combined training exercises such as the Talisman Sabre (TS) and Vital Prospect (VP) series.

The blending of creative and passionate technology experts with experienced military professionals has enabled Calytrix to deliver a complete and supported training system for individual, joint and combined training. Through a clear understanding of how Live, Virtual and Constructive (LVC) training environments can be fully integrated Calytrix is able to support organizations design and conduct training in the most efficient and effective manner.

Over the past 5 years it has become increasingly difficult for the ADF to adequately resource large-scale training activities. Despite the importance and significant value of such exercises, Australia's increased operational tempo, the demand on qualified resources and the increasingly sophisticated nature of the supporting information technology systems (ITS) has made it increasingly difficult to secure the personnel required. Calytrix, through its Training Systems division (CaTS), has been steadily growing its support capability to help the ADF manage surge requirements. However, the requirement for such a wide range of military skills sets means that it is often difficult to match the ADF's requirements. To this end Calytrix is looking to develop and maintain a skilled labour pool who can be brought in 'on demand' to help with support. CaTS is in the process of establishing a database of qualified personnel to assist its Training Systems division in delivering 'surge' support during large ADF training events. Under this arrangement Calytrix may from time to time distribute an 'Expression of Interest' to all members to ascertain their interest and availability to support a training schedule. Calytrix will then use this information to construct and bid a team to deliver the required surge capacity requested by the ADF.

A very broad range of skills is required to deliver the breadth of training provided by CaTS. As a group we are involved with exercise design and delivery requiring individuals with good planning, exercise and operational experience, through to the provision of ‘role players’ in support of exercises. CaTS activities are not limited to Defence and we are rapidly expanding into other areas. An ideal Team Member will have military, police or emergency management experience and would have participated in single services/ joint training events and potentially have operational experience. Alternatively, successful team members have gained experience through commercial support to training and/or various operating systems used to deliver training. In addition to past experience, all Team Members will need to complete training prior to supporting a live event. This training will cover a diverse range of topics including training methodology (training from the white force perspective) and the IT systems being used (JSAF, C2PC, Mentor etc). This training will ensure that all team Members are familiar with the systems and processes prior to starting work.

An attractive remuneration package, payable as a daily rate, exists for all casual employees. The following table provides a summary of the general skills areas we are looking for:

Role Description
Subject Matter Expert (Air, Land, Sea) You have had recent military experience and are familiar with doctrinal and operational concepts. You are comfortable with the delivery of training and have participated in a number of FTX/CPX type events. You may have had operational experience.
Joint Training SME You have participated in joint training and are familiar with how such events are conducted. You may be familiar with planning joint exercises and ASJET and/or US Joint Mission Essential Task Lists (METLs).
Range Support You are familiar with various issues in managing OH&S concerns, communications, marking and other aspects of running a training range.
ITS specialist You are a qualified or proven software/systems engineer with experience in training networks, security, simulation tools (JSAF, JCATS, AWSIM, COP etc), and backbones (data loggers, gateways, DIS/HLA protocols etc) technologies.
Operator You have had experience running various software systems (JSAF, JCATS, AWSIM, C2PC, VBS2 etc) as an operator in an FTX or CPX virtual/constructive training environment. You may have acted as Exercise Control or Simulation Control at some stage.
Observer / Controller You are familiar with how Live, Virtual and Constructive training evnironments are conducted and can act as an Observer/Controller to the exercise.
Training Analyst You have been involved in the design and delivery of training material and assessment and can provide analysis to the training outcome.
Exercise Control You have worked within an Exercise Control Centre directing exercise activities making decisions to ensure the smooth conduct of the exercise.
Assessor You have actively assessed the performance of participants in a training event. You have provided 'hot wash' style reviews in the form of individual and team feedback. You have provided formal/written performance and readiness assessments.
Role Player You have been involved with training activities and understand the importance 'role players' can have in providing realism to an activity.

If you think that you have the skills and would like to be part of this exciting new area of Defence support please contact Calytrix via  or