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ISO 9001:2008

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Calytrix Training Systems (CaTS) Division

Since its formation, Calytrix has focused on the defence training and simulation community, although recent inroads have been made into the broader training market. While Calytrix maintains a leading industry edge on the development of simulation systems, a substantial training and consulting division has developed: Calytrix Training Systems (CaTS). Primarily focused within the Defence environment, CaTS blends state of the art technology systems with experienced military professionals to deliver high quality, focused operational training and support. The majority of CaTS employees are experienced military professionals with a wealth of operational and training experience. Using experienced operational planners, practitioners and instructors CaTS can develop and conduct realistic training scenarios and exercises for a variety of Government Organisations (military, AFP, emergency management), non-government organisations and International Agencies. Calytrix Training Systems provides training, planning, and assessment support as a complete technology and expertise package.

Combining innovative training with world leading simulation systems CaTS provides realistic, cost effective training. Calytrix's software technology supports its consulting activities, allowing the company to deliver a complete and supported training system to all individual and collective training exercises through Calytrix's mature 'Plan -> Conduct -> Assess' process. In concert, Calytrix's technology and training divisions support the entire development of Live, Virtual, and Constructive training environments.

Calytrix Training Systems can deliver professional services in the following areas:

  • Training expertise: training design, delivery and evaluation
  • Military (joint, air, land, sea) Subject Matter Experts
  • Training focused on operational and strategic planning
  • Exercise design, conduct and evaluation
  • Outcome assessment
  • LVC systems architecture, development and delivery
  • Role players in support of training activities
  • Scenario development











Employment Opportunities

Calytrix maintains a data base of Part Time On Call (PTOC) employees to assist with our exercise and training requirements. If you wish to be considered for such opportunities as they arise, please visit