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ISO 9001:2008

ISO 9001 logo Certificate No.: AS/NZ-028

Training Integration

Calytrix is an Australian leader in the delivery of cutting-edge integrated training solutions. Incorporating the latest Live, Virtual and Constructive simulation technology with highly experienced military professionals Calytrix continues to deliver training solutions to the Australian Defence Force.

Calytrix appreciates the demands of modern military training and by uniquely combining advanced technology with a military ethos and understanding Calytrix provides the optimum solution for enhancing 'warfighting' skills.

Today Calytrix and its Training Systems division (CaTS) is delivering training services and systems to the ADFWC, ADSO, CMO/JCTC, JDSSC and RAN, and internationally to the UK MoD, JFCOM/JWFC, US Army, USMC and West Point.

Calytrix is involved in ADF Mission Rehearsal Exercises, exercise planning and delivery, After Action Review development and support to major exercises including Vital Prospect, Talisman Sabre and Pitch Black.

Calytrix can assist in:

  • Training expertise: training design, delivery and evaluation
  • Military (joint, air, land, sea) Subject Matter Experts
  • Training focused on operational and strategic planning
  • Exercise design, conduct and evaluation
  • Outcome assessment
  • LVC systems architecture, development and delivery