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TerraSim   Terrain

Correlated Virtual and Constructive Terrain Databases

Calytrix and TerraSim, Inc, are pleased to provide a free download of correlated virtual and constructive terrain databases for "Sample Desert Village". Available formats include VBS2, OpenFlight, JCATS, JSAF, OneSAF, OneSAF Testbed, MAK VR-Forces, OpenSceneGraph (OSG and IVE), and Steel Beasts Pro. These samples, built in TerraSim's TerraTools® give LVC Game users a full set of correlated terrain databases to use as a testbed for each of their runtime applications.

"Sample Desert Village" provided by TerraSim

Sample Desert Village banner


Here are some examples of the terrain databases available. Click on an image to see a larger version or request access by completing this form.

VBS2 Terrain OpenFlight Terrain Steel Beasts Pro Terrain
VBS2 OpenFlight (16.0) Steel Beasts Pro
OSG Terrain OSG Compressed Terrain OSG .ive Terrain
OpenSceneGraph (.osg)
MäK VR-Vantage 1.1
OpenSceneGraph (.osg)
Compressed Textures
OpenSceneGraph (.ive)
Compressed Textures
JCATS Terrain JSAF Terrain MÄK Terrain
JCATS (7.1.5) JSAF (CTDB 8) MÄK VR-Forces (GDB)
OneSAF 5.1 Terrain OneSAF 4.0 Terrain OTB Terrain
OneSAF 5.1 (OTF 8.0)
OneSAF 1.5, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0 OneSAF Testbed (OTF) (CTDB 7)
Havok Terrain Vision Terrain SWORD Terrain
Havok Tools
Havok Vision Engine MASA SWORD
X-Plane Terrain Unity Terrain  
Unity (New)