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JSAF Operator and System Operator Training Course

Course No: CT06-1


Why this course?

The Joint Semi Automated Forces (JSAF) is a constructive simulation application developed by the United Stated Joint Forces Command (USJFCOM) with the aim of providing high fidelity entity level simulation to support training and experimentation exercises. JSAF has been used in a variety of experiments and training exercises, and is regularly used not only by the ADO but also by its coalition partners. The United States Joint Forces Command relies heavily on JSAF to provide constructive elements to very large simulation events such as the Talisman Sabre series of exercises, and the Multi National and Urban Resolve experiments.

The JSAF Operator and System Operator training course teaches students to install, configure and operate JSAF. The course is broken into two separate sections: Operator and System Operator.

Benefits of the course.

The JSAF Operator portion of the course runs for first two-and-a-half days and introduces students to the JSAF environment and it’s Plan View Display (PVD). Students are taught to navigate and use the JSAF PVD for activities including creating and tasking various entities; creating, loading and saving scenarios; and modifying the PVD for use in different situations. This course is targeted at students wanting to gain JSAF Operator experience.

To best prepare students for system operator duties, this course includes a large practical portion. Students are given hands-on experience with JSAF to allow them to apply the lessons they have learnt and gain a functional understanding of the application.

JSAF System Operator

The JSAF System Operator portion of the course is more advanced and runs for the final day-and-a-half. This section takes students through the process of installing, recompiling JSAF from source code and setting it up with different command and control options. This course is targeted at students wanting to learn how to deploy a series of JSAF environments that can be used by other operators.

Student Requirements

To fully participate in the course, students are expected to have the following competencies:

  • General computer operation skills (some Linux advantageous)
  • (System Operator) Familiarity with Linux and the Linux command line

Course Locations.

The LVC Game Advanced Users course can be conducted at your location or if the opportunity exists to attend our regular Calytrix Courses that are conducted at our training facilities in Dayton, Ohio an Canberra Australia. Course conduct dates can be viewed here.

Course Fees.

There are two options available to the employer endeavoring to skill their employees with LVC Game. The following prices are approximates only. A formal quote will be forwarded to the customer from the Calytrix Training/Sales Department.

(Fees include tuition and course materials)

Option One: Attendance at the JSAF Operator and System Operator Training course being conducted at Dayton or Canberra Training Facility. $2,500.00 USD per student

Option Two: A Calytrix Training Systems Instructors conduct the training for up to 8 students at the customer’s location. $10,000.00 USD per course + travel and accom