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Calytrix LVC Game

LVC Game Users Course

Course No: CT03-1


Why this course?

The LVC Game Users course teaches students how to configure, deploy, troubleshoot and extend LVC Game. The primary focus of this course is on the integration of VBS2 with other simulation systems through the Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) and High Level Architecture (HLA) simulation standards.

Students will learn how to identify common integration problems and will gain hands-on experience using LVC Game to integrate VBS2 with other systems. They will be taught how to monitor live LVC Game instances and how to troubleshoot integration problems. The structure and purpose of LVC Game configuration options is presented, along with practical examples to help students gain experience tailoring an LVC Game configuration to their various integration needs.

Benefits of the course.

In addition to configuration and deployment, this course introduces students to configuration and application of Calytrix Comm Net Radio Simulator (CNR-Sim) and Comm Net Radio Logger (CNR-Log), plus other CNR associated tools, when used with VBS2 and also in standalone operation. Through hands-on lab exercises, students learn to start and configure a group of simulated radios. CNR instruction also covers the critical points of using CNR-Sim/Log in mixed-vendor environments of multiple simulated radio products.

Course prerequisites.

To fully participate in the course, students are expected to have the following competencies:

  • Functional, hands-on experience with VBS2
  • Reasonable level of technical competence
  • Some knowledge of DIS and/or HLA (some introduction provided)

Course Locations.

The LVC Game Users course can be conducted at your location or if the opportunity exists to attend our regular Calytrix Courses that are conducted at our training facilities in Dayton, Ohio an Canberra Australia. Course conduct dates can be viewed here.

Course Fees.

There are two options available to the employer endeavoring to skill their employees with LVC Game. The following prices are approximates only. A formal quote will be forwarded to the customer from the Calytrix Training/Sales Department.

(Fees include tuition and course materials)

Attendance at the LVC Game Users course being conducted at Dayton or Canberra Training Facility. $1,800.00 USD per student