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ISO 9001:2008

ISO 9001 logo Certificate No.: AS/NZ-028


CNR-Intercom Calytrix CNR-Intercom

CNR-Intercom is a hardware-based, multi-participant, intercom solution, blending the voices of multiple CNR-Sidetone users into a composite audio signal that's fed back to all participants. 




CNR-Intercom allows users to hear each other just as they would inside a vehicle with a standard intercom system, without any delays or echos that might be caused by software processing or network latency.

In addition, the individual users' voices and the composite "team" chatter can be separately processed by CNR-Sim and CNR-Log to realistically simulate combined vehicle Intercom and Radio systems with separated recordings and replays.

CNR-Intercom delivers the best of both audio worlds; a clear-speech hardware intercom solution in conjunction with an advanced simulated radio that combine to deliver a complete radio environment in your simulator or training environment.