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Integrating Everything LVC

Calytrix LVC Game is bidirectional middleware gateway that connects serious games and other third party applications to DIS/HLA and C2 military systems.


LVC Game Overview


In real time, LVC Game updates the third party product with information about external (DIS/HLA world) entities, and simultaneously LVC Game informs the external (DIS/HLA) world about the connected product’s internal entities.


Through these bidirectional communications, LVC Game manages the complexities of DIS/HLA on behalf of the supported (3rd party) product while also performing a number of related services for the supported product.  Because LVC Game supports virtually all DIS and HLA variants, the supported product becomes interoperable in virtually all DIS/HLA environments with virtually all external DIS/HLA-based systems.

LVC Game Main Features Main Features:  LVC Game interfaces to the supported 3rd party product through a concise and consistent set of software functions. The specifics of DIS/HLA operations are abstracted away from the 3rd party product.
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LVC Game Additional Services Additional Services:  At runtime, LVC Game provides additional services to the supported product, beyond the DIS/HLA interface.
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LVC Game COTS Connections COTS Connections:  Currently, six commercial off-the-shelf products are integrated with LVC Game.
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Realtime network monitoring and control

Realtime LVC Activity Monitoring and Control:  LVC Game’s browser-based GUI is provided free to all LVC Game users.  Through this utility program, users can monitor network activity and make dynamic changes to entity mappings.
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DIS/HLA Specifics:  LVC Game supports all variants of DIS plus HLA 1.3, HLA 1516, and HLA 1516 Evolved, for all commercial HLA RTIs, plus the most commonly used HLA FOMS.
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Advanced Information Advanced Info:  LVC Game was designed with future extensibility in mind.  LVC Game could be extended to support other middleware environments (non-DIS/HLA environments), other HLA FOMS, etc.
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Advanced Information LVC Cost Counter:  In real-time, LVC Cost Counter provides a web-enabled mechanism to track the savings your simulation delivers to the end user. LVC Cost Counter reveals the true costs of training activities if real vehicles, fuel, munitions, etc. were used instead of simulated entities.
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