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ISO 9001:2008

ISO 9001 logo Certificate No.: AS/NZ-028

Simulation and Information Technology

We are committed to continually exceeding our customer expectations by providing a strong team of dedicated and highly experienced software engineers who understand the needs of our customers and how best to meet them.

Our expertise in software development and integration extends across the whole product lifecycle - from strategic business planning, project specification and management, through to software development, product delivery, training and support. Calytrix uses world-class methodologies, procedures and toolsets to ensure the highest quality products are delivered on time, every time.

Our team has extensive software engineering experience and our focus on design, process and testing reflects the principals that we believe are critical to predictable and repeatable project success.

Depending on the needs of our clients we are able to provide assistance in the following areas:



Feasibility Studies
Requirements Analysis
Technical Writing
Peer Reviews
Cost Estimation
Project Planning and Scheduling
Development Processes
System Architecture and Design
User Interface Design
Application Development
Internet Application Development
Systems Integration
Systems Testing
Validation, Verification and Accreditation
Simulation Standards: DIS, HLA 1.3, HLA IEEE 1516, TENA, XMSF

C4I: Link 11 (TADIL A), Link 16 (TADIL J), CDLMS, GCCS

Languages: C++, C#, Java, .Net, VB, Python, Perl

Middleware: CORBA, JXTA (P2P) Web Services, TCP/IP, UDP/IP, DCOM

Simulation Products Areas: SAF (eg. JSAF, VR-Forces), COP, Stealth, Radio, Gateways, AAR & Performance Assessment, Logistics

Methodologies: UML, MDA, RUP, XP

Calytrix Technologies provides its Australian and International Defence customers (government, services and prime contractors) with specialist capabilities (products and product-related services) in the following areas:

  1. Simulation development, distributed simulation, HLA, DIS, model development supported by strong in-house physics and math skills.
  2. Performance assessment of Navy, Airforce and Army individuals and teams.
  3. Software development and integration, including, open architectures, open standards, software engineering practices, product development, legacy systems integration Simulation Development.
  4. Simulation

    Calytrix has provided consulting services to a range of Australian and international projects, including the JSF project. With strong skills in software engineering, physics and maths, Calytrix is well positioned to implement simulations as well as simulation frameworks. Typically, we work alongside domain experts who have elaborated the simulation requirements and then, using our tools and expertise, can rapidly implement, high quality reusable simulations.

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    Performance Assessment

    All organisations that have an involvement in the training process, whether training individuals or teams, have a responsibility to ensure that this training, and the associated outcomes are assessed in a fair and consistent manner. Outcomes need to be measured objectively not only between individuals but also across entire teams.

    Calytrix Mentor™ is a web-based Exercise Planning and Performance Assessment Tool that covers the full life-cycle of a training exercise.

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