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Calytrix Mentor

Mentor Assessor /OT Workshop

Course No: CT02-1


Why this course?

Catering for all levels of experience, this workshop introduces Observer Trainers (OTs), Assessors (or Training Development staff) to Calytrix Mentor Data Entry Tool (DET) This workshop will guide students on the steps to both uploading and subsequently downloading of a Mentor Training activity utilizing the Mentor Data Entry Tool (DET) and Mentor servers. The instruction concentrates on empowering the student with skills to competently use the Mentor DET to rate individual measures in an intuitive manner. This in turn helps facilitating the end state of providing timely feedback to the training audience.

Benefits of the course.

The workshop considers the issues associated with assessing/observing a complex training activity. Mentor DET offers the flexibility of preloaded activity sequence progression and 'freedom' to adjust or add both artifacts and comments into the activity assessment in real time. At the completion of the workshop, students will be well versed in utilizing all of the features of the Mentor DET in a training environment.

Workshop prerequisites.

There are no formal prerequisites but it is assumed that most students will be familiar with the basic concepts of computers and information systems. A background in training methodology and assessment is desirable.

Workshop Structure.

The workshop is designed to 'build up' the inexperienced Mentor DET user. The 8 Modules that make up the Mentor DET Course are structured to augment the previous modules attributes,culminating at the end of the training with students assessing a training activity. At the conclusion of the workshop, students will be able to upload and download a training activity with Mentor DET, they will confident in the tools within Mentor DET to rate individual measures or selected training criteria, they will be able to utilize media to support the assessment (ie PDF's, Photos).

Workshop Locations

The Mentor Assessors/OT workshop can be conducted at your location or the opportunity exists to attend our regular Calytrix Courses that are conducted at our training facilities in Dayton, Ohio and Canberra, Australia. Course conduct dates can be viewed here.

Course Fees.

There are two options available to the employer endeavoring to skill their employees with Mentor. The following prices are approximates only. A formal quote will be forwarded to the customer from the Calytrix Training/Sales Department.

(Fees include tuition and course materials)

Option One: Attendance at the Mentor Assessor /OT workshop being conducted at Dayton or Canberra Training Facility. $2,500.00 USD per student

Option Two: A Calytrix Training Systems Instructors conduct the training for up to 10 students at the customer’s location. $10,000.00 USD per course + travel and accom